Decorah Boys Bowling Team Wins over Denver

Posted: Mon, Dec 21, 2020 2:06 PM

The Vikings boys bowling team bowled against Denver at Oneota Lanes Friday afternoon and added another win for the season.

The Vikings were led in points by senior Tyler Thompson with 438 points, junior Brendan Hunter with 424 points, junior Nolan Jostand with 416 points, and senior Luke Iverson with 415 points. Overall, the Vikings finished with 3051 points against Denver's 2518 points.

"The boys move on with a big night! It is fun to coach these kids, anytime you bowl a 3051 you're doing something." said Bowling Coach Kieth Bruening. The Vikings are now 4-0 this season after Friday's meet and they will host West Delaware on Tuesday at Oneota Lanes 4pm.