Decorah Viking girls junior varsity captures 16 of top 20 finishes at South Winn

Posted: Wed, Oct 7, 2020 10:54 AM
Viking head coach Christy Nimrod shouts out encouragement to Viking JV runners (Photos by's Clara Knudson)

There were a lot of red and blue jerseys finishing in the first 20 spots at Tuesday's girls junior varsity cross country meet at South Winneshiek--16 of them, to be exact.  Decorah captured the top four finishes, nine of the top ten finishes and 31 of the top 40 finishes.

Decorah's Taryn Sanderman won the junior varsity race.  She crossed the finish line in 22:42.83, followed by Decorah's Brielle Buresh in 23:06.00; Decorah's Rachel Bower in 23:10.46 and Decorah's Mya Numedahl in 23:18.60.  Waukon's Mia Kurth finished 5th, but she was followed by Decorah's Brynn Storhoff, Danielle Losen, Kathyrn Kelly, Morgan Brauer, Maggie Kane and Mairi Sessions.

The Vikings won the junior varsity meet with a total of 16 points.

Brynn Storhoff gives it her all--and finishes 6th!
Brielle Buresh finished second
Rachel Bower finished third
Mairi Sessions came in 11th