The Decorah girls swim team had an outstanding day Saturday at Waterloo

Posted: Mon, Sep 14, 2020 1:03 PM

The Decorah Viking girls swim team did so well at a meet Saturday at Waterloo that they had five events where they took first, second and third places.  As a result, they recorded a dominating 130-56 win over Waterloo.

The Vikings started with a win in the 200 yard medley, with Emily Voyna, Ella Hermeier, Margaret Rhodes and Paige Werner finishing in 2:03.26 and earning eight points.

The 200 yard freestyle was up next for Decorah, and they began their 1st place-2nd place-3rd place finishes with Katerina Kovarik winning with a time of 2:11.44, with Grace Bachelder finishing in 2:18.99 and Joey Vobr taking third with a time of 2:25.09.

The next 1st-2nd-3rd place finishes came in the 50 yard freestyle, where Paigne Werner won with a time of 26.50 seconds, followed by Margaret Rhodes in 27.74 seconds and Kiana Folkedahl in 28.11 seconds.

It was another 1st-2nd-3rd place finishes in the 100 yard freestyle, with Maeley Nefzger finishing first with a time of 1:00.06, followed by Hannah Franzen second with a time of 1:01.40 and Kiana Folkedhal third with a time of 1:02.68.

Next came the 500 yard freestyle, with Margaret Rhodes taking first with a time of 5:50.23; Grace Bachelder earning second place with a time of 6:13.26; and Joey Vobr finishing third with a time of 6:25.94.

Decorah had two teams take the top spots in the 200 yard freestyle relay.  The team of Thea Schissel, Ashley Elsbernd, Kiana Folkedahl and Katerina Kovarik took first with a time of 1:54.93.  The team of Lauren Johnson, Rylee Kapler, Alexa Hogan and Elly Christen took second place with a time of 2:03.26.

The Vikings swept the last individual event, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 100 yard breaststroke.  Katerina Kovarik won the event with a time of 1:18.45, followed by Ella Hermeier in second place with a time of 1:19.64 and Mia Smedsrud in third with a time of 1:22.61.

Decorah took its final 12 points of the meet by having first place and second place finishes in the 400 yard freestyle relay.  The team of Julia Alberts, Emily Voyna, Paige Werner and Katerina Kovarik finished first with a time of 3:57.73, while the team of Ashley Elsbernd, Grace Bachelder, Maeley Nefzger and Margaret Rhodes took second with a time of 4:14.30.

"We changed up many of the events to get times and they dominated most of those events," said head coach Allie Bachelder.  "It was fun to compete with the entire team at the meet," she added.

The Vikings will head to Cedar Falls Tuesday afternoon to take part in a double dual meet involving Dubuque Wahlert High School and Cedar Falls High School.