Flooding changes route for 2019 Loop de Loop

Posted: Tue, Sep 24, 2019 10:42 AM

179 runners took part in Saturday's "Loop de Loop" runs sponsored by the Decorah Rotary Club.

Flooding on the Trout Run Trail changed the route of the half marathon, with the 57 runners doing two loops on the 10k route instead.  Tracy Nuss of West Union was the half marathon winner, followed by Evan Abbey and Justin Sprung, both of Decorah.  Brittany Fowers of West Des Moines was the fastest female finisher.

46 runners ran on the 10k route.  Matthias Wollberg of Riceville was the overall winner, while the fastest female, Becky Rea of Lansing, finished 2nd overall. 

76 runners took part in the 5k run.  Kyle Gilberg of Decorah and Alexander Steding of Decorah finished first and second, followed by the top female runner, Koby Hagen of Decorah. 

Complete race results are available at: https://jmsresults.com/results/2019/loop19.html