Viking coach Adam Riley: "This is not how we wanted our season to end, but..."

Posted: Tue, Jul 23, 2019 11:12 AM

Decorah Viking baseball coach Adam Riley thanked his players and the Decorah fans following Monday night's loss in Cedar Rapids:

"While the end result of this game is not what we hoped for, the preparation and effort were there for all seven innings from all of the kids.  Xavier has an outstanding offensive lineup that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on a defense and pitching staff.  With exception of the third inning when a few things did not go our way and we made a few errors, we played excellent baseball.  In many of our losses this season, we just had a difficult time avoiding these types of innings. 

This is not the way we wanted things to end for our six seniors, but they can hold their heads high for all that they have done and been a part of during their Decorah Baseball careers.  We would like to thank all of their parents and fans for their support through the season.  We had great crowds for so many of our games and even for the final two games that traveled to outnumber our opposing crowds.  It is always great to see support for the kids and Decorah Baseball!"