Decorah girls tennis team takes 3rd at Top Gun Tournament

Posted: Mon, Apr 8, 2019 12:05 PM
Front row (L to R): Mya Herrmann, Payton Schutte, Alli Grous, Sophia Maguina, Soleil Smith, Cady Peterson, Mara Frieden, Morgan Brauer, Josie Kleckner. Back row (L to R): Liv Brustad, Lydia Ihde, Caroline Knox-Reid, Alexis Averhoff, Maria Hendrickson, Amey Shedinger

The Decorah girls tennis team traveled to Waterloo's Byrnes Park on Saturday to compete in the prestigious Top Gun Tourney, where the 1-A State team champion has participated for the past 5 years.

Team scores:
1st - Columbus 33.5
2nd - Clinton 27.5
3rd - Decorah 20
4th - Ottumwa 9

"The highlight of the day for a determined Decorah team was junior Soleil Smith winning all three of her matches and finishing first in her singles flight -- not an easy task to say the least, but indicative of Soleil's determination on the court and her work ethic to improve every time she steps on the court.  Kudos to each player for placing in singles or doubles," says Coach Berland.

#1 Singles
Mara Frieden - 3rd place (Columbus 1-12, Clinton 6-7, Ottumwa 12-1)
#2 Singles
Alli Groux - 3rd place (Columbus 5-8, Clinton 1-12, Ottumwa 12-1)
#3 Singles
Mya Herrmann - 3rd place (Columbus 0-13, Clinton 4-9, Ottumwa 9-4)
#4 Singles
Josie Kleckner - 3rd place (Columbus 6-7, Clinton 8-5, Ottumwa 6-7)
#5 Singles
Cady Peterson - 3rd place (Columbus 4-9, Clinton 5-8, Ottumwa 9-4)
#6 Singles
Soleil Smith - 1st place (Columbus 7-6, Clinton 10-3, Ottumwa 8-5)

#1 Doubles
Frieden and Groux - 3rd place (Columbus 2-11, Clinton 4-9, Ottumwa 8-5)
#2 Doubles
Sophia Maguina and Payton Schutte - 3rd place (Columbus 5-8, Clinton 0-13, Ottumwa 7-6)
#3 Doubles
Peterson and Morgan Brauer - 3rd place (Columbus 5-8, Clinton 6-7, Ottumwa 11-2)

Decorah will face Columbus and Clinton again, along with other top-notch teams, in the Clinton Invitational in two weeks. The Lady Vikes travel to Charles City today to face the Comets at 3:00 p.m.