Boys tennis team is victorious in Independence

Posted: Wed, Apr 3, 2019 10:35 AM

The Decorah boys tennis team kicked off the 2019 dual meet season with a victory in Independence on Tuesday.

Decorah 6, Independence 3

#1  Aidan Hunter won 10-2
#2  Billy Lange won 10-3
#3  Joe Holland won 10-5
#4  Kaj SpencerBerg won 10-6
#5  Mark Morkel won 10-8
#6  Hayden Carlson won 10-5

#1  A Hunter/Lange won 10-0
#2  Anderson/Edwin Holyoake lost 11-10 (TB 7-4)
#3  Jesus Pena/Nic Reilly lost 10-8

"The Independence team as a whole was slightly unconventional in their stroking style.  It took a while for our guys to adjust.  After Aidan and Billy settled down they had little trouble in their respective matches.  Joe never quite grooved his ground strokes but played the net very well for his win. Kaj and Hayden had to battle, and battle they did stroking to their victories.  Gabe, who did not have the benefit of playing last Saturday, hit brilliant shots at times but was too inconsistent at others.  The double fault bug also plagued him.  He just needs more matches to get in the groove," said head coach Reg Laursen.

"In doubles Aidan and Billy literally cruised at #1.  At #2 Gabriel and Edwin were up and down, and came back from the edge of extinction a couple times before ultimately losing the final tie breaker.  They suffered from never before playing doubles together.  Jesus and Nic had the same problem and got down 1-8 before staging a furious rally to get back to 8-9 before losing the final game.  All the guys fought hard.  More experience will really help.  Coach needs to have pairs play together more in practice before sending them out together in match play," added Coach Laursen.

"On the JV side Independence only had 4 players so we sent waves of doubles teams at them, each new pair playing 4 games.  Will Schwarz, Angel Pena, Bryan Anderson, Noah Tapscott, Brendan Hunter, Luke Walter, Conner Cook, Owen Henning, Caleb Huebner, Zach Garwood, Alex Zweibohmer, Benton Sparrow, Grant Timm, Wyatt Hackman, Dane Cole and Thomas Foster all participated producing 3 wins, 6 loses and 2 ties," said Coach Laursen.