NST hosts 2019 Nordic Open at Luther

Posted: Tue, Feb 5, 2019 12:02 PM
Weston Cote, 9 from Decorah, 50 yard Backstroke. He placed 2nd with a time of 42.98 (Photos courtesty of Kathy Oftedahl)

The Northeastern Swim Team hosted the 2019 Nordic Open at Luther College on Sunday, January 27th.

8 and under swimmers:
Savannah Burns led the Girls 25 Yard Free with a time of 17.83, followed by Kylie Cord who dropped 3.66 seconds. Rex LaFrentz, with a time of 17.82, Oscar Grimstad, with a time of 20.22, had first and second place for the boys and Hank Stortz dropped 3.29 seconds and took 4th place.

Maggie Gavle earned first place in the 25 yard Breaststroke. The boys were led by Bently Hager 22.39, followed by Garrett Vobr 26.09, and Oscar Grimstad 31.27.

Savannah Burns won the 25 Yard Backstroke followed by Payge Webb.

Savannah Burns also won the 25 yard butterfly. While Dane Burns, 17.32 and Bently Hager 21.42  and Garrett Vobr came in fourth place.

Open events:
14 year old Cole Huebner placed first in the boys open 50 yard free with a time of 23.32 followed by Gus Grimstad in second with 23.56. Julia Alberts earned second place for the girls with a time of 28.06.

Aspen Cole led the girls 100 yard free dropping 1.40 seconds with a time of 57.36. Paige Werner came in second with a 58.21. Gus Grimstad, 52.71, and Bradyn Hook, 56.78, led the boys 100 yard free.

Margaret Rhodes won the 200 yard free with a time of 2:06.71. Topher Bigalk took second behind Connor Schaffel for the boys 200 yard free.

Margaret Rhodes also dropped 8.71 seconds on the 400 yard IM with a time of 5:09.83 and was followed by Katerina Kovarik with 5:20.32.

100 yard Breaststroke was won by Max Maitland, and Carson Hager earned second place.  Megan Roe dropped 5.79 second on the 100 yard breaststroke. Likewise, the boys 200 yard breaststroke was won by Connor Schaffel of BLAST and Isaac Knaack came in second dropping 2.72 seconds. Kathleen Looney dropped 1.17 seconds on her 100 yard breaststroke.

Paige Werner won the 100 yard backstroke followed by Katerina Kovarik in second place. For the boys, Drew Chamberlain took first place and Topher and Dominic Bigalk earned fourth and fifth place.

Margaret Rhodes won the 100 yard fly and Julia Alberts dropped 1.13 seconds taking third place. Brayden Hook and Gareth Sweet won for the boys.

Aspen Cole, Dominic Bigalk, Mason Cote, and Joey Vobr successfully completed the 1650 yard free.

9-10 age group:
Isaak Kovarik and Kyan Oftedahl led the boys 50 yard freestyle. Jaylee Vobr and Lauren Luzum led the girls and Naomi Kutz dropped 2.77 seconds with a time of 42.04.

Sydney Thompson won the 50 yard Breaststroke. Weston Cote took second and Kyan Oftedahl was in third place.

Isaak Kovarik and Weston Cote placed first and second in the 50 yard backstroke. Elizabeth Bucksa won the girls race with a time of 40.84.

Isaak Kovarik also won the 50 yard fly. Elizabeth Bucksa won and Anna Knaack earned second place while Avalea Burns came in fourth place.

11-12 age group:
Cael LaFrentz and Ian Giddings came in first and second for the 50 yard freestyle. Amelia Roe dropped 2.95 seconds and Brauwyn Darrington competed this race for the first time.

Brenna Parker came in second behind Lauryn Halverson of NIS on the girls 11-12 yard breaststroke.  Reid Kuehner took second place behind Broden Farrell of Vinton.

Cael LaFrentz and Ian Giddings came in second and third behind Liam McGrane of BLAST in the boys 11-12 50 yard butterfly. Amelia Roe represented the girls in the 50 yard fly with a time of 53.14.

11-12 Boys 100 freestyle was won by Isaac Knaack. Avalea Burns came in second on the 11-12 girls 100 free following Lilly Adams of BLAST.

Congratulations to swimmers who have qualified and will be attending the 2019 Winter Silvers East Championships February 8 at Linn-Mar Aquatic Center in Marion: Elizabeth Bucksa, Avalea Burns, Anna Knaack, Lauren Luzum, Molly Kuehner, Naomi Kutz, Weston Cote, Max Grimstad, Dawson Irons, Isaak Kovarik, Maggie Norris, Brenna Parker, Dominic Bigalk, Ian Giddings, Reid Kuehner, Nat Roberts, Will Robinson, Julia Alberts, Katerina Kovarik, Maeley Nefzger, Paige Werner, Joey Vobr, Topher Bigalk, Isaac Knaack, Maxwell Maitland, and Gareth Sweet.

Natalie Kutz, 10 of Decorah, 50 yard Breaststroke
Joey Vobr, 13 from Cresco, 200 yard Backstroke