Decorah swim team continues to excel

Posted: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 10:40 AM

The Decorah swim team has been busy competing in two meets within 3 days. The team traveled to Vinton on Thursday for a dual meet against Vinston-Shellsburg, and then to Waterloo on Saturday for the Tro-Hawk Invitational.

On Thursday, Decorah tallied 58 points compared to Vinton-Shellsburg's 36, although the meet does not officially count because of the 20-yard pool length. Decorah placed 1st in 8 out of 11 events:

160 yard medley relay - 1:26.28 (Gus Grimstad, Jackson Penny, Andrew Heine, Christian Johnson)
200 yard freestyle - 2:06.90 (Andrew Heine)
160 yard IM - 1:52.27 (Caleb Huebner)
100 yard butterfly - 57.53 (Gus Grimstad)
500 yard freestyle - 5:25.89 (Drew Chamberlain)
160 yard freestyle relay - 1:17.95 (Christian Johnson, Isaac Dixon, Drew Chamberlain, Cole Huebner)
100 yard breaststroke - 1:07.70 (Gus Grimstad)
320 yard freestyle relay - 2:50.31 (Drew Chamberlain, Andrew Heine, Cole Huebner, Gus Grimstad)

On Saturday, Decorah traveled to Waterloo, and although no team scores were taken, Head coach Laura Storlie says, "We did very well for swimming tired." Decorah placed 1st in 9 out of 11 events:

200 yard medley relay - 1:48.16 (Gus Grimstad, Jackson Penny, Bradyn Hook, Christian Johnson)
200 yard medley relay (2x200) - 2:03.98 (Cole Huebner, Jackson Penney)
50 yard freestyle - 24:30 (Christian Johnson)
100 yard butterfly relay (2x50) - 51.33 (Andrew Heine, Bradyn Hook)
100 yard freestyle - 51.78 (Gus Grimstad)
500 yard freestyle relay (2x200, 1x100) - 4:53.38 (Drew Chamberlain, Bradyn Hook, Cole Huebner)
200 yard freestyle relay - 1:38.65 (Christian Johnson, Isaax Dixon, Nathaniel Cowie, Cole Huebner)
100 yard backstroke relay (2x50) - 53.55 (Drew Chamberlain, Gus Grimstad)
400 yard freestyler relay - 3:35.77 (Bradyn Hook, Andrew Heine, Cole Huebner, Gus Grimstad)

The team will travel to Fort Dodge Saturday for the Fort Dodge Invitational meet.