Decorah girls cross country team reserve members do well at West Union

Posted: Thurs, Oct 4, 2018 12:03 PM

It's been a wet fall this year, which has created challenges for the Decorah Viking girls cross country team.  Ten of its members got to run the South Winn cross country meet on Tuesday--but only ten.

That's why head coach Cristy Nimrod said, "We are so thankful that North Fayette Valley was able to host a meet tonight. We were only able to run 10 kids at South Winn on Tuesday because of weather conditions. This gave the rest of the team a chance to be able to compete."

Even with its top ten runners not competing, the Vikings finished fourth out of nine teams.  Decorah's Taryn Sanderman had a top ten finish, crossing the line in 21:54.96 for 9th place.  Samantha See finished 16th with a time of 22:43.18; Payton Taylor was 25th at 23:13.05; Gracia Taylor was 26th with a time of 23:13.24; Morgan Brauer was 27th with a time of 23:17.42; Celia Lesmeister was 28th with a time of 23:22.22; and Mya Numedahl was 34th with a time of 23:41.28.

Said Nimrod, "They did a great job on a challenging course. I am very proud of this group of kids, they take advantage of any opportunity they have to compete."

The Vikings will be in Waverly Tuesday afternoon for the Northeast Iowa Conference Championships--weather permitting, of course.