Parents and Students are reminded of expectations at Decorah High School winter events

Posted: Tue, Nov 28, 2017 11:19 AM

Students and parents of Decorah High School received an email this week, reminding students of the student expectations at DHS during winter events. Staff encouraged parents to read over the expecations with their students. The following is an excerpt from the letter.

Decorah High School is extremely proud to welcome the students of West Side Elementary, John Cline Elementary, Carrie Lee Elementary and Decorah Middle School to all athletic events that the high school offers. These events are fun and exciting for all individuals. However, Decorah High School asks that all elementary, middle school and high school students abide by the following expectations while attending competitions in the Decorah High School Gym.

Middle School Students  (5th - 8th Grade)
-Middle school students need to sit in the designated "middle school" section on the north end of the home side of the bleachers, unless they are sitting with their parents.
-Middle school students are expected to be in the stands watching the game.
-Students are asked to leave bags/backpacks and balls in the cafeteria area.

High School Students  (9th - 12th Grade)
-High school students are encouraged to sit/stand in the designated "high school" section of the     home side of the bleachers.
-High school students are expected to be in the stands watching the game.
-Students are asked to leave bags/backpacks and balls in the cafeteria area or their lockers.

All Students
-Students are not to be in the practice gym area at any time.
-Students are not to be running around and/or playing games in the cafeteria or hallways.
-Students are not to run in or out of the gym.
-Students are expected to support the concession stand and return to their seats after supporting
 the concession stand.
-Students are expected to return to the stands after using the restroom.
-No abusive or unruly behavior will be allowed.
-No throwing of objects or any projectile in the bleachers or any area around the gymnasium.
-No use of any prohibited items per policy of the IHSAA and IGHSAU (artificial noisemakers,
 unauthorized signs, etc.)

All student behavior at home activities is expected to be school appropriate. Any student whose actions are considered inappropriate by school staff will be asked to sit with their parents or removed from the game. If asked to leave, students may not be allowed to return to other contests and admission to the event will not be refunded.

The staff of the Decorah Community Schools thanks all students and parents for their support of all those involved in activities. We ask that those attending activities to watch and support those participating in the contests and look forward to having members of the student bodies at games to cheer on the Vikings and help bring home a victory!